What'll you need: 

1: Metallic Spray Paint 

2: Old Picture Frames and bottles

3: Natural elements 

It’s easy to achieve this look and make your home feel Fall festive in no time! First, pick out your metallic color, I used gold (from Lowes) but silver or bronze could be used to achieve a different feel. Next, scavenge for your old picture frames and bottles. I used an old soy sauce bottle which left me with some pretty awesome Asian markings, if I do say so myself! Spray paint your old items (don’t forget to disassemble your frames). Fill your bottle(s) with natural items. I was lucky to have a feather, but this can easily be swapped out with sticks or any other treasure you find outside.  I used pumpkins at the base but acorns or pinecones would work well too. Lastly, fill your frames with fun Fall art! 


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