Blake and I recently went on a two and a half week trip to Singapore. It was our first time to Asia and we were pretty stoked! So… what did I bring back from this foreign country you ask? 

  1. MERLION KEYCHAIN- This was a gift from our Singaporean friends that I love so much! The Merlion (half lion, half mermaid) is more or less the mascot of Singapore. How cool is that?! 
  2. GOODMORNING MUG- The design is based off of Singapore’s traditional tea towels and who doesn’t need another coffee mug? 
  3. SMALL CEMENT POT- My suitcase was already packed to the max and I love tiny things… so when I spotted this in a boutique it was the perfect little keepsake and a good excuse for another succulent. 
  4. A FULL HEART- This trip was a sensory overload with so much to do and see! Singapore is a fascinating country with lots of different cultures and foods including Chinese, Indian, and Malay. It seemed like we were trying something new every day! We made some great friends and I was able to collaborate with a local artist. Blake and I are so thankful for being able to have this adventure together!