Well, here we are at the end of my little painting challenge, yay! My original goal was to make a painting every day for thirty days. When all was said and done, I did make thirty paintings, but with a few breaks and busy weekends it took about forty days. 

So, some take aways and random thoughts from the experience:

First off, it was way more difficult to carve out time and energy at the end of the work day than I anticipated! I “failed” a number of times, but ultimately I didn’t get too down about a missed day here or there because what I got out of it was so worth the persistence! 

I felt truly immersed! Simply through setting this goal and intension it was like a switch went off in my head. Although I only spent a small portion of my day on many of these paintings, I spent all day and night thinking about them! I would find myself looking for inspiration and planning throughout the day and at night I literally dreamed of painting! Dreaming of painting was the most rewarding part of this experience because it revealed how deeply invested in the process I was. It felt very similar to dreaming in a secondary language. 

Aside from dreaming, ending up with a new series of work that I’m proud of is another great perk! I worked on a vibrant series that you can see (most of) in my online gallery. Once I felt the collection was complete I worked on some fun commissions and little watercolor florals. 

Long story short, I’m super glad I gave myself the little extra push I needed to create pieces that I’ve been thinking of for a long time! Thanks for following along! Leave a comment to share how you are pursuing your passions and challenging yourself!

Jasmine WiszComment