As an artist, I truly put my heart into each painting I create. It’s hard not to when the process begins with a unique story. That story sparks my inspiration and passion for each commission. I dive in with washes of color (and a cup of coffee). These careful strokes eventually give way to a one of a kind custom painting. It’s strange how after working with a piece I feel emotionally connected to it. I get so excited for its rightful owner to see it and for it to find its way into their home. I feel so honored knowing that I get to create something meaningful for my clients that will live on their walls and deliver small doses of joy each time they see it!  


This couple illustration was commissioned by Kerry to give to her bff Kara who is engaged! She gave the painting as a gift at Kara’s bridal shower and shared this photo with me of her opening it! As you may have guessed, it totally made my day!