I designed this little hand drawn number for Corinth Church’s fall series. The project needed to incorporate the title “stronger” with roots. I sketched out a few layouts in pencil and decided on the contained circle option. Next, I created my design in black marker. Finally, I scanned it to the computer and converted it to a vector file, so that it could be used digitally and scale up with clarity. This was done using the image trace feature in Illustrator. For the final design I layered the icon on top of a forest photo that correlated with the theme. 

As I was sketching out this piece it got me thinking about my personal and creative life. How am I striving to be the best possible version of myself? I think that our character is greatly affected by the small choices we make throughout the course of each day. Most of the time there is the easy option and the better option. Like ordering a pizza or taking the time to prepare a healthy dinner. Like turning on the television or picking up a book. Like scrolling through my Facebook feed or brainstorming my next painting project. Being stronger in these very small choices adds up to a large sum of difference! I know that choosing the better option is better for me in the long run even though I may not always be in the mood to be intentional with my time. It makes for a happier, healthier, stronger version of Jasmine that is more aligned with God’s plan for my life. When I remind myself of this perspective it motivates me to chose the better path. Thanks for reading!

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