1. Shelves aren’t just for books
  2. Balance and Repetition are key
  3. Decorate seasonally 

Bookshelves can be an easy decorating opportunity to overlook. Your first thought may be to stuff them full of books, but why not have a little more fun? Shelves are the perfect place to set a pretty vase, keepsake, or art. 

However, it’s also easy to make all of these items look like chaos. Prevent this with balance and repetition. Make small groupings of jars, books, or frames and distribute evenly between shelves to create balance. Likewise, repeat themes and colors throughout to simplify the aesthetic. 

Last, but not least, decorate seasonally. This is as easy as swapping out a couple of items. So have fun with it and enjoy the holidays!  

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Jasmine Wisz2 Comments