Kara had one of her favorite photos of her and her sister turned into a watercolor portrait. She plans to give it as a gift for her sister’s birthday. How stinkin’ sweet is that!? 

I can picture her sister hanging up the whimsical watercolor in her home, and glancing at it during daily life; thinking about her relationship with her sister, maybe about the moment that original image was snapped, or about the years leading up to that moment, or maybe about when her sister gifted the painting. 

Of course I’m biased, but I think paintings make the sweetest gifts! They commemorate a special moment in your life that becomes a part of your home, living on your walls. You also get major brownie points for giving a gift that took some effort! It’s not like you can pick up a custom painting at the mall. If you have a special birthday or anniversary coming up inquire on how to commission your own piece. 

Jasmine WiszComment