Custom Dog Watercolor Portrait

Custom Dog Watercolor Portrait

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This listing is for a custom watercolor portrait painting of YOUR DOG. The personalized painting is based from a photo sent by you. Portraits are created using watercolor paint on high quality watercolor paper. There are three paper sizes available. 

After purchasing the item please send over a photo of your dog to be painted. You may send multiple reference photos but I strictly work from one. Keep in mind that the final piece will look nearly identical to the photo sample, just a touch more whimsical and painterly. If you do not send a photo I will follow up with a message requesting one. Your portrait will be painted and shipped within 2-3weeks. 


-purchase item

-send reference photo

-portrait ships in 2-3 weeks

Pet portraits are a great way to artfully display your love for your furry family members. They make for a fun and unique gift for any dog lover. 

I would love to create a prized painting of your beloved pet! Message me with any questions about the product or process. 

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