About Jasmine

Jasmine is everything you would think an artist would be in the best way: dynamic, creative, intellectual, imaginative...I loved sitting down with her at one of our favorite spots in town (Le Bon Macaron) to hear more from her unique perspective. 

When talking about her paintings, Jasmine said a lot of people buy them as gifts. Can you imagine the pure joy when you hand someone a one of a kind portrait of their dog? Home? Them? SO GOOD.

Jasmine was explaining to me how she paints what inspires her in real life from women to places to flowers...I felt like I had a sneak peek into her soul and the things that make her light up. Her spirit and art is so genuine and you can see that poured into each piece. She makes you feel like you're chatting with an old friend (oh, also she has the most in-sane red hair #shouldbedoingshampoocommercials). 

*Excerpt from interview by Sincerely Ashley 

Artist Jasmine Wisz Portrait