I am currently in a collaborative show with three other talented local artists. Each artist was asked to create pieces around the theme of noise. This exhibition is at Rowster Coffee on Wealthy St. until January 24, 2016. Stop in to see the full exhibition! 

Within the larger theme of Noise I was inspired by the unique culture of NYC. Various scenes or snapshots are used to encapsulate the city. These scenes focus on the physical buildings, the people, and the movement or bustle, which are all innate to the concept of New York. I am more deeply interested in the concept of a place than the specifics of that real place. Most importantly, how a concept can be made into a personality with an expected reputation. I wonder if the personality is a self-fulfilling prophecy maintained by individuals seeking that experience, who therefore carry it on, while at the same time continuing to create it in an ever evolving world. 

While representing the personality of NYC I focused on the beauty in the noise. Cheerful colors in a watercolor style aid in this upbeat feel. 

Medium: acrylic paint on canvas

The original paintings as well as prints are available in my Etsy shop

Jasmine WiszComment