Artist holding "Take the Moment" framed in pine

Artist holding "Take the Moment" framed in pine

Have you ever wondered about the process of creating a piece of artwork? It may surprise you to think about all that goes into a painting aside from the obvious brushstrokes. 

I recently posted about how I stay inspired, and for me that is the first step to creating! Looking at the world through “painterly glasses” is something I try to do intentionally. When I am relaxing or traveling are some of my most inspired moments. These times help me to develop ideas for subjects and color palettes. 

Once I’ve landed on an idea that I’m excited about I gather my supplies and work up a sketch directly onto the canvas. This sketch is quickly covered by layers of paint. During this step I typically consume copious amounts of coffee and sing loudly. Through the layers and careful adjustments I create a new piece, but it doesn’t end there!

I’ve been focusing on my finishings lately. This includes a signature on the front and a title and date on the back. Sidenote, titling the pieces is so much fun! I love how some names seem to come from nowhere and are completely fitting! Next is a quick layer of varnish and I’ve just started experimenting with custom frames. This is quite a hands on effort with a saw and hammer! Not my typical tools of the trade, but super rewarding to see how these frames polish a painting.

Lastly, no work is complete until it has been viewed and loved. That is why I’m thrilled to share my latest partnership with Vision Interiors. This award winning interior design firm is located in a stunning building in East Grand Rapids. Their Principal Designer, Julie Holmes, works to create spaces with character that align with clients’ personal style and strives to surpass their expectations. I can’t wait to see how some of my pieces will tie into this design process and become a defining element in their clients’ homes! 

Stop by their showroom to hear more about what they do and maybe spot a few of my pieces!

“Sunflowers” framed in oak, available for purchase