The sun has set on this summer season, but man was it one to remember! There were so many incredible highlights and I’d love to share a few of them here.  

To kick off summer I got accepted into an art gallery. Gallery representation was a long time goal. It’s still surreal to go see my work hanging on the walls at Mr. Miller’s Art Emporium and to be a part of the vibrant community in Douglas, Michigan, well known for its award winning galleries and restaurants.


If that wasn’t enough to make my summer, I created my largest painting to date! Measuring in at over fourteen feet long and 9 feet high on the side of an industrial shipping container. You can find the patriotic mural on the main street in Vicksburg, about an hour south for my Grand Rapids friends. This large piece came with lots of challenges, not limited to sunburn from the bright July sunshine, but it was so rewarding to complete. 


August was in a league of its own! I basically took a break from real life (and social media) to explore two volcanic islands on opposite sides of the world. Blake and I returned to Hawaii, which feels like a second home, to photograph Malia & Leighton’s wedding at their family’s vintage coffee mill. What an incredible day and welcoming Ohana! We also shot for the cover of Edible Hawaiian Islands magazine which came out this month! After thoroughly enjoying the Big Island we ventured all the way to Iceland with our best friends and their adorable baby girl, Ruby. The whole month was adventure filled, with so many new experiences, stunning sights, and plenty time to reflect. Iceland’s numerous waterfalls, hot pools, hikes, black sand beaches, and elusive puffins were good for the soul! I feel super thankful to be able to carry those beautiful moments with me into the next season of life. 

All that being said I’d love to share my latest series with you! 

“Late Harvest” is inspired by the beautifully fleeting moments in life that stick with us and warm our hearts when an inevitable cold day comes along. The sunflowers, fields, and sunsets celebrate a metaphorical harvest season in our lives. It encourages us to enjoy what we have in this moment, feeling its power and beauty fully, and at the same time, to think about what we’re planting for the future. The playfully loose stokes capture the fleeting nature of this moment while the bright color palette reinforces its sense of joy and completeness.