There’s nothing better than a quiet morning, full cup of coffee in hand, and a change of seasonal decor. 

Last week I completed a new painting series “Late Harvest”, the series is tied to themes of late summer and fall. Obviously, I loved styling these freshly painted pieces with my other fall decor that I pulled out of storage. My favorite corner of the house is where I placed my large “Sunflowers” piece framed in oak, with a tall smoke colored vase by Hearth and Hand. It is filled with dry wheat grass, bringing a casual earthy feel to the modern cut of the vase. This quaint earthy feel is echoed by the tree slice stand on the opposite side of the painting. The stand holds the essential fall candle, a glass pumpkin, and a prized piece by talented potter, Jeff Blandford. Blake and I love supporting other local artists. The marble like texture is a fun contrast and gives me fall vibes for whatever reason?! 

I also styled the rest of the series around our home including the minis in the bookshelf, “All at Once” as a colorful pop in our primarily black and white bedroom, and “Late Harvest”(the centerpiece of the series) on the buffet. We didn’t put out very much overtly fall decor but it feels notably in tune with the change of season.

How do you style for fall? Send me your photos, I’d love to see!